Millencolin – Yellow Dog – Gitarr ackord

Artist: Millencolin
Låt: Yellow Dog

Intro:  A5 - C5 - F5 - G5     (2x)
Then a bunch of feedback with dead strings on G

Rhythm: A5 - C5 - F5 - G5     (2 x)

Vers:  A5 - C5 - F5 - G5
Tell me where you need to go, Kick me if you move too slow,
Hear me listen with your mind, See me even if you're blind

Refräng:  A5 - F5 - G5 - D5
Will you walk with me right now? , Will you talk to me this time?
I can take away the fog ,  Waiting for my yellow dog

Vers2, text:
Tell me about the things you hide, Thrust me and I'll be by your side,
Don't lie to me or to yourself, Don't cry, Don't lay this on the shelf

Stick:   F5 - E5 - D5 - F5 - G5 - D5 - F5 - E5 - D5
I always try to make things right, 'though it seems to be for nothing,
It's hard to accept the fact that you may not want me, think I'll keep on
treating you this way even 'though it may not change you, well that's my only

Mellanspel:  A5 - C5 - F5 - G5  (2 x)

Vers3: A5 - C5 - F5 - G5  
Read my lips and listen if you can you try to be so damn cool, look inside
--------------------------------------------> E (låga)
yourself then you'll see you and me

SLUTA PÅ ------------------------>   A5